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Our Focus

We want to give you the eating experience that connects you….locally, with your community, your farmer, and the soil.

With our “heart” in the “land” we are working to produce a “harvest” of the best quality foods available. We are working hard to develop production models that eliminate chemicals, drugs, growth hormones, air and water pollution, and adverse animal housing. We rotationally graze our livestock, moving them regularly to new pasture where they can roam and feed on fresh bio-diverse, nutrient-dense vegetation. We are working on new ways to harvest, store and feed non grazed crops to better preserve the nutrient density, increase efficiency, protect the environment, and improve the animal comfort.

Livestock feed is supplemented with natural minerals and vitamins. Ponds and forests are fenced off, and we are working on ways of composting to reduce waste runoff into water sources. These changes in agricultural practices combine to produce richer, nutrient dense foods that we enjoy eating; and it is gratifying to be able to invite you to share in this experience. In order that this might happen, we are working to bridge the gap between the producer and consumer through direct marketing approaches (on farm sales, farmers markets, and buyers clubs). This provides connection for the consumer to have a relationship with the soil, the food grown from the soil, the farmer who manages the soil, and produces, harvests, and markets the crops in the community of which we are all a part. As we relate directly to you the consumer, we develop new economic initiatives. This enables us to continue living and working on the farm. As stewards for our Creator, this is where we want to be. We are persuaded that this arrangement is in the best interest of mankind.


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