Heartland Harvest




The team here at Heartland Harvest invite you to come on in – hope you like what you see! Because if you’re looking for biologically safe and environmentally constructive, grass fed, Non-GMO, nutrient-dense, and flavorful meats, raised by the conscientious, transparent efforts of your local farmer…well, you’ve come to the right place. Our aim, simply, with our “hearts” in the “land”  is to produce a “harvest” of the highest quality foods available.Look forward to hearing from you, or better yet, seeing you!

Who We Are

Heartland Harvest is a 500-acre grass farm managed by James and Lorretta Showalter and their two youngest
children, Rachel and Steven. Simple farming folk working hard to continue on the land.

What We’re Doing

We are raising the highest quality meats possible with the pursuit of the most environmentally safe and biologically constructive, production models. Direct marketing is a priority for us as a means of establishing a connection for the consumer with their food and it’s source.

Why We’re Doing it

We believe that farming the soil the way it was designed to be farmed is in the best interests of our
fellow men. Our work models flow from that belief.

Why You Should Consider Us


Our first priority is to provide you with the richest nutrition and the greatest
flavors, and to cultivate a relationship of transparency, integrity, and service
which brings customers back again and again.