It’s A New Year

Hello All!

The holiday season is past but life continues to be full here on the farm.

Farm Stuff and Family Happenings:

December is always a great month for us. Lots of time with family and friends. This year was especially hectic with trips to PA to visit family as well as New York, Sarah going to Paraguay, and Rachel and Steven traveling to Missouri.

Thankfully farming does allow some flexibility like that!  Of course all the chores and regular work had to be kept up with.  Several baby lambs arrived on the scene which is always exciting. Calves needing to be cared for, fences to be built and equipment to be worked on in the farm shop and then there is the headache of a farmer’s life, the Office Work.

Early morning on the farm...

A New Year Some New Ways:

With time always comes change.  In 2016 we worked hard to come up with a way to keep running things the way we had been but all the doors were closed. Simply told and compressing a year’s worth of questions, conversation and family meetings, we are downsizing our work force and will be working toward refining our systems and processes.

What Does This Mean – What to Expect:

Hopefully bigger and better things!
We are working towards a smoother face for Heartland Harvest, with a new website being designed by Steven, and maybe utilizing a blog space instead of these newsletters.
Also, you will not be seeing as many faces, to some of you very familiar. You will probably catch glimpses of Joseph and Nathan as Joseph continues to run the farm shop and Nathan (working part time off the farm) works toward handing over management of the cattle to Steven. Aaron and Amos have already found positions on other farms in the community. And hopefully you will still see Sarah, if not at the Farmer’s Market, as Rachel and Steven learn the ropes, then at The Store in Staunton.
We’re still working on the details of all these things.

But the bottom line is that nothing changes in our vision here at Heartland Harvest. Nothing changes in the transparency we want to have for you to know, and have a connection with, the individuals who provide foods in which you are confident.  And last but not least, nothing changes in the integrity of our purpose to have our “heart” in the “land”, producing a “harvest” for you.

Thank You:
To you, who make the vision of Heartland Harvest possible to pursue; you, who have supported the vision of Heartland Harvest over the years; you, who make the pursuit of the vision of Heartland Harvest worthwhile, we want to express our gratitude and heartfelt thanks as we enter 2017 together.

Happy New Year from our family to yours!
Happy New year from us to you!
From left to right: Amos, Sarah, Joseph, Jason (Joanna’s husband), James, Nathan, Steven and Darrel, Aaron, Joanna with “little” James, Lorretta, and Rachel with Katrina.

Hours at our Farm Store are
7:00 am to 8:00 pm — Monday through Saturday.
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January Special

Free Range, Non GMO, Chemical and Hormone free


$3.00 a lb.

Turkeys on Pasture at Heartland Harvest

 Till next time!
The Showalters at Heartland Harvest LLC.


Thanksgiving Turkeys!

Heartland Harvest LLC

Thanksgiving Turkeys!
Get your order in before it’s too late!

Hello folks! It’s fall and time to be thinking about Thanksgiving and we are just making sure you her your order in for the turkey you will want for an amazing center piece for that meal you’re planning! Reply to this email to place your order and we will let you know when you can come pick up your turkey. The turkeys you see below have been raised without  chemicals, hormones, and GMO free grain. They have ranged far and wide an the grassy pastures gobbling there diet of bugs and insects and grain ration mixed especially for them. If you can’t taste the difference, it won’t be their fault!

Turkeys on Pasture at Heartland Harvest
Our newsletters kinda fell by the wayside this fall. Partly because we’ve been busy and partly because of some changes happening around here.

One big project has been getting the turkeys harvested and packaged and ready for your Thanksgiving dinners. We did two days last week and we have one more processing day this week. It will be nice to have them all the freezer and to have that job crossed off the list.

Another big project was making applesauce. We use a lot of applesauce and we have friends who do as well. So we get together and spend the day turning 40 bushel of apples into sauce for everyone. Over the years we’ve streamlined our system and added equipment to speed things up. It’s a really full day with some hard work but it’s nice to get it all done at once and it’s always more fun working with friends. (:

One of Steven’s sows had a litter of pigs a few weeks ago. Pigs are much cuter when they are tiny. (: He’s done a good job of taking care of them and so far they are doing really well. In the past we’ve just bought our pigs after they were weaned but Steven wants to try raising them himself. We’ll see how it goes.


Maybe next month we can tell you about some of the changes that are happening. Right now we’re still figuring them out ourselves. And yes, I know how cryptic that is……(:

Special Sale!!!  —  Bulk Discount!!!

15% off of 25+ pounds of ground beef (lean or regular).

Price per pound would be:

  • Regular $5.75
  • Lean $6.80

Hours at our Farm Store are
7:00 am to 8:00 pm — Monday through Saturday.
Click here for a PDF of our products and prices or visit our website.
November Specials
Spare Ribs        $3.00 a lb.
Pork Chops        $7.50 a lb.
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 Til next time!
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