Bulk Beef

Grass Fed – Chemical and Growth Hormone free – Non-GMO

Looking for a whole, half or quarter (split half) beef?  Let us be your source for clean, quality, naturally raised and humanely produced, beef cuts in bulk.


General  Info:

  • Our prices are based on dressed weight.*

         Whole beef  –  $2.35 a lb.

         Half beef  –  $2.65 a lb.

         Quarter beef  –  $3.00 a lb.


  • After processing ( cutting, wrapping, and freezing) the amount of meat you take home will be approximately 25-35% less than dressed weight due to discarding fat and bone.
  • The cuts you choose will determine the poundage you take home.
  • There are three typical cuts —  Roasts, Steaks, and/or Ground. The number of one type of cut you order will determine the amount of the other cuts you receive.
  • Pick up will be at the farm.
  • Payment at pick up.
  • Ground beef patties have an added charge of 50 cents a pound.

How to Order Info:

  • Email us at info@heartlandharvestfarm.com or call James (cell: 540.430.9698 ) to inquire about availability and place your order.
  • Once your beef is at the processors we will contact you and fill out the cut order form to send to the processor.
  • We will contact you with your total when your meat is ready to be picked up.