Bulk Hog

Non-GMO – Chemical and Growth Hormone Free – Pastured Habitat

Whole Hog

Looking for whole or half pig options?  Let us be your source for clean, quality, naturally raised and humanely produced, pork cuts in bulk.  In addition to selling individual pork cuts through our farm store, we take orders for whole or half hogs.  Our pigs are raised in pasture/woods environment with freedom to come and go.  They enjoy a feed ration that includes naturally raised grains, supplemented with minerals.

General  Info:

  • Our pork prices are based on dressed weight and include processing costs. *

125 lbs.  –  150 lbs   $2.95 a lb

150 lbs.  –  200 lbs   $2.78 a lb

200 lbs.  –  250 lbs   $2.50 a lb

250 lbs.  –  350 lbs   $2.30 a lb

  • After processing, the amount of meat you take home will be approximately 25-35% less than dressed weight due to discarding fat and bone.
  • The cuts you choose will determine the poundage you take home.
  • The number of a type of cut you order will determine the amount of the other cuts you receive from your hog so if you order more sausage you will receive fewer roasts and vice versa.
  • Tenderloin roasts and pork chops cannot be cut from the same hog.
  • The sausage does not contain Nitrates or Nitrites and is MSG free.
  • Pick-up is at the farm.
  • Payment will be accepted at pick up.

How to Order Info:

  • Email us at info@heartlandharvetfarm.com or call James (cell: 540.430.9698) or Steven (cell: 540.414.3046) to inquire about availability and place your order.
  • Once your hog is at the processors we will contact you and fill out the cut order form to send to the processor.
  • We will contact you with your total when your meat is ready to be picked up.